Increasing access to safe drinking water

Aquatabs box
Credit: Medentech

According to the Afghanistan Demographic and Health Survey, 6 percent of households use appropriate water treatment practices. Water treatment products kill micro-organisms in water, making it safer to drink by reducing the prevalence of waterborne diseases including diarrhea. To increase the number of people treating their water correctly, the Afghan Social Marketing Organization markets a liquid water treatment solution, Abpakon. Liquid water treatment products have a short shelf life and a high packaging and distribution cost. As a result, ASMO experienced frequent stockouts of Abpakon and some of the commodities reached expiration before they could be sold.

In response, SHOPS Plus supported ASMO in forging a partnership with Medentech, the manufacturer of Aquatabs. The Aquatabs product is small and lightweight, making it easier to transport. It has a shelf life of five years, reducing the risk of stockouts and the possibility of expiration before the products are used. By introducing Aquatabs, ASMO will be able to improve the availability of water treatment in Afghanistan, increase access to water treatment solutions, and improve cost efficiency in distributing water treatment products.

Introduction of a more convenient product

SHOPS Plus supported ASMO in securing exclusive rights to distribute Aquatabs in the country. Through discussions, the Ministry of Public Health included Aquatabs on its essential drug list and licensed drug list based on evidence provided by ASMO and Medentech.

ASMO received the first batch of the product in September. The organization will launch the product in Afghanistan later this year through mass media advertisements and other promotional tactics.  The screenshot below is from ASMO’s television advertisement.

Doctor with Abpakon.jpg