Improving the quality of care in the private sector

Successfully improving quality of private health services is everybody's business.

James White
HIV clinical advisor, SHOPS Plus

James White, HIV clinical advisor for the SHOPS Plus project, discusses the challenges facing the private health sector when it comes to improving quality of providers and services, as well as what SHOPS Plus is doing to address some of these issues. 

According to White, some of the challenges facing the private sector are:

  • They are left out of quality standards at the national level, and if they are included those standards are not disseminated to them so the benchmark by which we measure quality often either does not include private actors or they are not aware of those standards
  • They are left out of government discussions and bodies that deal with quality health care issues
  • They are often left out of continuing medical education opportunities and access to trainings, which are required to maintain standards and improve quality service delivery by providers
  • They often have weak or developing associations of private health actors, which limits their advocacy for quality at the national level
  • They also don't receive supportive supervision to the same standard or at the same frequency as public health providers, and often when they do receive supervision, it is not focused on improving quality but on uncovering negative quality aspects and punishing providers

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