Eighty percent of mobile phone subscribers live in developing countries. This rate of penetration presents an opportunity to extend the reach and impact of health programs. Mobile approaches to health (mhealth) enhance proven interventions to address gaps in health systems. Mobile phones can be used to educate consumers about health services and products, reinforce training of providers, improve program management, facilitate financial inclusion, and strengthen the supply chain. 

SHOPS Plus integrates cost effective mobile solutions into project activities, contributing to the quality and accessibility of services for underserved and at-risk populations. mHealth platforms offer a particularly promising opportunity for engagement between the public and private sectors, making it easier to share data and partner on health activities.
SHOPS Plus mhealth activities include:

  • Data collection and management
  • Digital finance
  • Provider training and supervision
  • Consumer education and behavior change
  • Supply chain logistics
  • Patient support
  • Platform development 
  • Rigorous impact evaluations 
  • Sustainable business models
  • Facilitation of public-private partnerships 

Examples of our work

In Haiti, SHOPS Plus developed and deployed critical information via text message to reduce the risk of a cholera epidemic. More than 2 million SMS were sent to low-income Haitians in the south, generating nearly 6,000 requests for additional health information.

In Madagascar, SHOPS Plus is exploring partnerships with mobile operators to develop digital finance projects and determine the feasibility of mobile insurance services to expand risk protection from adverse health events.

Countries: Haiti, India, Madagascar, Nigeria, Senegal