Project Overview

Sustaining Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) Plus is USAID’s flagship initiative in private sector health. The project seeks to harness the full potential of the private sector and catalyze public-private engagement to improve health outcomes in family planning, HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, and other health areas. SHOPS Plus supports the achievement of US government health priorities and improves the equity and quality of the total health system.

In sub-Saharan Africa, 50% of family planning clients obtain their methods from private providers. In Asia, the number rises to 65%. Similarly, for the treatment for childhood illnesses, the majority of caregivers turn to private providers. Only by working with this critical sector of the health system can we achieve global health coverage. To ensure effective and sustainable outcomes, SHOPS Plus is committed to integrating gender-sensitive approaches and female empowerment throughout its activities.

SHOPS Plus aims to increase use of priority health services by:

  • Improving the enabling environment for the private health sector
  • Strengthening provision of private sector information, products, and services, resulting in expanded access for underserved populations
  • Increasing effective public-private engagement
  • Sharing innovative, emerging, and tested private sector models.
  • Applying a total market approach

Technical areas
Implementing partners and host countries can benefit from the project in a number of ways:

  • Assessments – analyzing the private health sector landscape to better understand the role the private sector plays in a country and identify areas for improvement
  • Corporate engagement – engaging corporate partners to increase the provision and financing of health services
  • Health financing and universal health coverage – expanding access to health services and enhancing financial risk protection for the poor through a variety of financing options including vouchers, contracting, and insurance
  • Public-private engagement – promoting policy and regulatory change to enhance the climate for the private health sector, helping governments maximize its contributions, and fostering public-private partnerships
  • Provider access to finance – working with financial institutions to increase lending to private providers while strengthening their business skills
  • Networks and franchising – strengthening and scaling private provider networks and franchises
  • Pharmaceutical partnerships and social marketing – introducing new products and expanding markets through social marketing and partnerships with manufacturers
  • Provider quality – improving care in the private sector through training, supportive supervision, social franchising, and associations
  • Social and behavior change –  addressing barriers to positive behavior change through evidence-based approaches and human-centered design

The project technical capabilities also include these cross-cutting areas: digital health, gender, and total market approaches.

To learn more about the project, contact:

Elaine Menotti, AOR
United States Agency for International Development

Susan Mitchell, Project Director
Abt Associates




Sustaining Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) Plus is a five-year cooperative agreement (AID-OAA-A-15-00067) funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This website is made possible by the generous support of the American people through USAID. The information provided on this website is not official U.S. government information and does not represent the views or positions of USAID or the U.S. government.