Corporate Engagement

Governments and donors alone cannot reach the ambitious health goals associated with Family Planning 2020, ending preventable child and maternal deaths, and achieving an AIDS-free generation. As part of a total market approach, corporate stakeholders must be engaged to mobilize expertise and products, capture efficiencies, and even raise financial resources. 

SHOPS Plus facilitates corporate engagement by:

  • Conducting analysis on gaps in national and regional health programming to identify priority areas where expertise or other resources from corporates—even those not in the health sector—can be leveraged
  • Brokering partnerships designed with both social and commercial benefits, in which resources and expertise from the corporate sector are used to advance a common health goal
  • Identifying how the provision of health services for employees may help companies save money by reducing absenteeism, reducing recruitment and training requirements for new staff, and limiting costs of health coverage
  • Working with multiple stakeholders to implement partnerships that use the expertise of donors, governments, civil society, and corporates

Example of our work

SHOPS Plus completed a global landscaping analysis to identify challenges and gaps in national programs for family planning and HIV. The analysis looked at corporates whose expertise could be leveraged to help address challenges. The project team considered progress toward the global Family Planning 2020 goals, determined countries in which the most progress could be made, and identified which corporates would be most willing to engage. 



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