Universal Health Coverage

Universal health coverage (UHC) is grounded in the principle that health is a human right. UHC is an aspiration rather than an intervention or a strategy. It means that people can access health care when they need it, without financial hardship. The private sector has an unprecedented opportunity to support governments, program implementers, and donors in achieving universal health coverage, including access to family planning services.

SHOPS Plus contributes to efforts to reach UHC by working to strengthen health systems and provide financial risk protection for those who need it most. Achieving the underlying objectives of UHC–equity, quality, and financial protection–requires public-private collaboration.

SHOPS Plus promotes private sector participation in initiatives that support UHC by:

  • Expanding health programs that include private providers
  • Brokering partnerships between public and private health actors
  • Advocating for public-private dialogue on the role of the private sector
  • Equipping private health providers with clinical and business skills, and access to finance to expand the scope of their practices and to improve quality of care
  • Building and disseminating evidence on best practices for private sector engagement in UHC

Example of our work

SHOPS Plus, in partnership with USAID and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, hosted more than 30 thought leaders from donor and implementer organizations for a consultative meeting on October 27, 2016 to share evidence and knowledge on how health financing initiatives designed to achieve UHC can support access to family planning. The assumption underlying the gathering was that the inclusion of family planning in government-sponsored health insurance schemes could foster growth in the contraceptive prevalence rate for modern methods, reduce financial barriers for clients to access services, and improve the ability of providers to deliver quality contraception services. Through facilitated discussions, the group sought to better understand how financing initiatives that support progress toward UHC could be used to expand use and sustain financing of family planning.  

Countries: Madagascar, Senegal, Tanzania