After decades of collaboration between donors, governments, and countless organizations around the world, an AIDS-free generation is within reach. Yet, the work is far from done, and it is critical that donors, governments, civil society, and the private sector work together to achieve the global 90-90-90 and the End AIDS by 2030 goals.  To achieve these targets, donors and national governments are urgently seeking ways to better incorporate the human, financial, and technical capacity from both the private health sector and the private corporate sector.

SHOPS Plus aims to increase global knowledge of private sector engagement options for HIV prevention and treatment, to support evidence-based approaches for sustainable domestic financing of HIV programs, and identify how the private sector may help overcome challenges and contribute to successes in the HIV response. Working with both public and private sector stakeholders, SHOPS Plus identifies gaps in programming and advances knowledge about how the private sector can contribute to sustaining and accelerating progress towards national HIV goals. The project also collaborates with public and private entities to identify and prioritize solutions to address system gaps and deliver HIV prevention and treatment. 

SHOPS Plus works with donors and private sector corporate stakeholders to identify gaps in programming and opportunities for partnerships. For example, SHOPS Plus develops concepts for joint investment from corporate stakeholders which can benefit the quality production of products like coffee by improving health services within communities, and by ensuring those impacted by HIV access related services, including prevention and treatment. These partnerships offer shared value for engaged partners, while also supporting the national HIV response and sustainable markets.

Examples of our work

In Tanzania, SHOPS Plus works in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly, and Children and a broad range of private health sector stakeholders to strengthen pre-service practical training of private nursing and midwifery students. The project will implement the new national nursing mentoring guidelines, linking private medical training institutions to private health facility partners delivering integrated HIV and primary health care services. Through the program, senior level nursing and midwifery students will be exposed to practical hands-on learning in a clinical setting, strengthening the quality of their pre-service skills development and preparing them for an integrated clinical HIV and AIDS role after graduation.

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